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Letters of Recommendation Guidelines

Requesting a Letter of Recommendation


Etiquette and Best Practices

  • Ask the letter writer if they are willing to write a positive letter of recommendation for you. Choose recommenders who can speak to your recent accomplishments.
  • Send a note to the letter writer attaching your resume.  Include web links about the program to which you are applying.
  • Provide specifics of when the letter will be due and whether there will be a link sent by the institution. Contact your recommenders at least four weeks before the deadline.  
  • Summarize your strengths for the recommender. Suggest why you should be accepted into the program and considered for scholarships/assistantships.
  • Acknowledge the recommendation letter is confidential.


Recommendation letter follow-up

  • Check the graduate college portal to see what letter(s) has/have arrived.  Send a gentle reminder to your letter writer a few days prior to the deadline.
  • Once the recommendation arrives, send a thank you to the letter writer
  • Let your recommender(s) know if you are accepted.