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Career Development

Student / Alumni Job Hunting Help

Graduating students

OK, you've graduated. You have that valuable degree you worked so hard for. Now, how do you find a good job?

Let the School of Music put you in touch with a few starters:

TXST Career Services

Also a great source for all teaching jobs in Texas is TMEA or the Texas Music Educators Association.
Go to their homepage TMEA or directly to the TMEA Job Search page to explore open vacancies.

The Schneider Music Library maintains a collection called Music Careers. Simply go by the music library during open hours or contact our Music Librarian, Mark Blair.

For students interested in teaching private lessons, go to TakeLessons which helps connect music teachers and students across the country.


Careers in Music

  • Music graduates with teacher certification work as band directors, choir directors, orchestra directors, or general music teachers.
  • Music Performance and Jazz Studies graduates perform, establish their own teaching studios, attend graduate school, or use their music degree as a foundation for their careers.
  • Sound recording graduates work as sound recording engineers, producers, and technicians in the recording and entertainment industries.
  • Bachelor of Arts work in music-related fields such as communications, law, management, and sales.

The choices of profession for a student completing a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Music are numerous.