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Graduate Placement Exams

 Graduate Placement Exams

Upon your acceptance to the School of Music, you are required to complete placement exams in music history and theory. These will occur the week before your first semester class(es).

These exams will cover both music theory and music history, including aural identification of musical styles, melodic and rhythmic dictation, part writing, and more.

The best way to prepare is by reviewing your undergraduate music theory and music history class notes, readings, and listening materials. We are testing you on UNDERGRADUATE-level material and want to make certain that you have learned the basics of music theory and history.

NOTE: Non-degree seeking, Post-baccalaureate and Music Performance Certification Students, you are not required to take the placement exams (this is for Master of Music and Music Education students only).

You are also required to take a Diction placement exam. Please contact Professor Ron Ulen directly ( about the specifics of this exam.