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Upper Level Competency Review SRT

INFORMATION FORM  (To be completed and submitted by ALL Major in Sound Recording Technology students going through the review process for the first time in Spring 2022 and students currently on deferral from the Fall 2023 review.)

Download the SRT Information Form above, complete electronically or in pen only, no pencil, and return to Michele.


*Finding your GPA's*: Log on to Self-Service Banner and click on the Student link. Next, click on Degree Audit (review of your current academic progress). It should take you directly to your degree audit. All the information required for your form will be found here. At the top, under the maroon bar entitled Student View you will find your Overall GPA and right beneath that is your Texas State GPA


*Finding your total number of Core Hours Completed*: Scroll down until you come to the maroon bar entitled General Education Core Curriculum. You will find your total Credits Earned already calculated for you on the right hand side of the maroon bar.


*Finding your Music and SRT Course Grades*: Scroll down until you come to the maroon bar entitled Major in Sound Recording Technology. Under this section you will find all of the courses that you will need to report on. Note, in order to mark a course as complete, you must have earned a C or higher in the course.


*Institution Column*: Check either TXST if you took the class here or the Other column if you took the class at a transfer institution.


*Music Ensemble Entries*: Along with the name and status (see above) for your three ensembles, you must select the institution (see above) where you were enrolled in that course. NOTE: Use your Degree Audit for this entry, the section will say Music Ensemble and will list the courses by First Semester Freshman (aka Freshman I on the form), Second Semester Freshman, etc.




Date : May 5, 2020

Location: Fire Station Studios

Time: TBD. You will sign-up for your time through Michele Ortegon when she receives your completed SRT ULCR Information Form.


SRT students must complete 3 of their 4 ensemble requirements in order to pass the ULCR.



SRT students are exempt from these two requirements.