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Upper Level Competency Review - Jazz Performance

INFORMATION FORM (To be completed and submitted by ALL Major in Performance students going through the review process for the first time in Spring 2022 and all students currently on deferral from their Fall 2023 review.)

Download the Jazz Performance Information Form above, complete electronically or in pen only, no pencil, and return to the music office.

If your Information Form goes onto a second page, be sure your first and last name are on both pages. Print the document one-sided only, but do not staple them together!


*Finding your GPA's*: Log on to Self-Service Banner and click on the Student link. Next, click on Degree Audit (review of your current academic progress). It should take you directly to your degree audit. All the information required to fill out the form will be found here. At the top, under the maroon bar entitled Student View you will find your Overall GPA and right beneath that is your Texas State GPA.


*Finding your total number of Core Hours Completed*: Scroll down until you come to the maroon bar entitled General Education Core Curriculum. You will find your total Credits Earned already calculated for you on the right hand side of the maroon bar.


*Finding your Music Course Grades*: Scroll down until you come to the maroon bar entitled Major in Performance. Under this section you will find Departmental Recital, Aural Skills, Music Theory, Applied Lessons, Major Ensembles, and Piano Techniques/Secondary Applied Lessons.


*TXST/Other Column*: Enter TXST if you took the course at Texas State, or enter the Community College or University (abbreviations are accepted) where you took each music course.


*Major Ensemble Entries*: Along with the name and grade for your four major ensembles, you must circle the semester you took that ensemble (fall or spring) and the institution (see above) where you were enrolled in that course. NOTE: Use your Degree Audit for this entry, the section will say Major Ensemble and will list the courses by First Semester Freshman (aka Freshman I on the form), Second Semester Freshman, etc.




EVALUATION FORMS (To be completed and submitted by ALL Major in Performance students going through the review process for the first time in Spring 2020 and deferral students instructed to re-submit their evaluation forms after their Fall 2019 review.)

Download the Jazz Performance Evaluation Form above, print 3 copies, complete the top portion in the box in pen only, no pencil, and give a copy to each of the following:

  • 1 copy - your applied teacher 
  • 1 copy - the director of an ensemble you have participated in on your principal instrument
  • 1 copy - a faculty members with direct knowledge of your performance ability here at Texas State (other ensemble directors, seminar instructors, performance jury panel, etc.)

You will indicate on your Information Form the 3 faculty members you are distributing the forms to. The faculty members must return the evaluation forms to Danton Bankay no later than the last day of the Jazz area's juries.


Jazz Juries will take place on TBA  . Students will be grouped into combos based loosely on ability and year/semester in the program. The combo list and performance times will be e-mailed to all students no later than one week before juries; a list will also be posted on the board outside of Dr. Keith Winking's office.


Solo Transcription - Every semester, students will transcribe and perform two solos from memory (including the melody) as approved by the appropriate jazz faculty member. Transcriptions will be performed in Jazz Seminar (one at mid-term, one at the end of the semester) along with the original recording at the original tempo. Transcriptions must be notated, and students must provide two photocopies on the performance dates.


Vocabulary and Transposition - Every semester, students will play three approved ii­V patterns from memory through 12 keys using a chromatic and/or circle-of-fourths movement/progression. Vocabulary will be performed during Jazz Seminar. Students must provide a notated copy of each pattern on the day of performance. Students may be asked to apply these patterns in their solos over the jazz repertoire.


Répertoire – Every semester, students must memorize the melody and chord changes to several standard jazz tunes as indicated on the Jazz Repertoire List. The memorization of tunes is comprehensive, meaning that students are required to know all tunes learned in previous semesters in addition to the ones they learn in each semester. Students may be required to write the chord changes of a tune as part of the jury assessment, and may be asked to improvise on tunes learned in earlier semesters.




Fall Semester

Spring Semester





Take the ‘A’ Train

There Will Never Be Another You

Someday My Prince Will Come


So What

Blue Bossa

Sonnymoon for Two



Softly, as in a Morning Sunrise

There Is No Grater Love


What Is This Thing Called Love?

Satin Doll

Autumn Leaves (em and gm)

Now's the Time

Billie's Bounce




Have You Met Miss Jones?

Days of Wine and Roses

Night and Day

Black Orpheus

In a Sentimental Mood

Straight, No Chaser

Just Friends (F and G)



The Girl from Ipanema



I'll Remember April

On Green Dolphin Street (C and Eb)

Mr. P.C.




I Love You


Alone Together

Joy Spring

All the Things You Are

'Round Midnight (Monk changes)

Cantaloupe Island

Tenor Madness



Junior Recital Tunes






Stella by Starlight

Giant Steps

Body and Soul

Mercy, Mercy, Mercy

All Blues


Senior Recital Tunes


DEPARTMENTAL RECITAL (Located under the Major in Performance section)

Satisfactory completion (CR) of 3 semesters, for native students.

Satisfactory completion (CR) of 1 semester, for transfer students.


PIANO PROFICIENCY (Located under the Special Music Requirements section if Proficiency is complete or under the Major in Performance section if Piano I or II is still in progress.)

Students must have taken and passed the Piano II Proficiency or be enrolled in Piano II at the time of review and successfully complete the course, with a grade of C or better. If enrolled in Piano II during the semester of the review, students must take and pass the Piano II Proficiency in order to be considered for upper level courses.

Jazz Piano Majors must have taken and passed the studio Piano Proficiency (contact Dr. Kwak for guidelines/requirements) at the time of review and 2 semesters of secondary instrument/voice applied lessons.


MAJOR ENSEMBLES (Located under the Major in Performance section)

Students must take and complete 4 semesters of a major ensemble (ensembles may vary as long as they're considered a major ensemble per your area and degree audit) in order to pass the ULCR. In addition, 2 semesters of Jazz Combo should also be complete by your ULCR semester.