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Thesis Topics

The following titles show the broad variety of theses completed by graduate students as part of the requirements for the master of music--music history concentration:

David A. Catchpole (2018) “Victor Kolar (1888-1957): A Czech Musician in Early Twentieth-Century America,” John Schmidt, supervisor.

Jorge Adan Torres (2016) “Ordo in Choro Servandus: Rules for the Choir in Colonial México,” John Schmidt, supervisor.

Robert Akers Zipp (2016) “Doom and Gloom: The Function of Music in Disney's Education for Death--the Making of a Nazi,” John Schmidt, supervisor

Kimberly Burton (2015) “Pavel Haas (1899-1944) and His Four Songs on Chinese Poetry (1944),” Nico Schüler, supervisor.

Claire Richardson (2015) “Stockhausen's Influence on Popular Music: an Overview and a Case Study on Björk's Medúlla,” Kevin Mooney, supervisor.

Joseph Vecchio (2014) “‘I was in a position to dismantle it’: Industrial Music Appropriations of William S. Burroughs,” Kevin Mooney, supervisor.

Joshua Zarbo (2014): “James Jamerson: from Jazz Bassist to Popular Music Icon,” Kevin Mooney, supervisor.

Kevin McClarney (2013) “A Cambridge Mass by Ralph Vaughan Williams: a History, Context, and Analysis," John C. Schmidt, supervisor.

Shao Ying Ho (2013) “A Historiography of Musical Historicism: the Case of Johannes Brahms,” Kevin Mooney, supervisor.

Laura Jones (2013) “Dan Fogelberg's The Innocent Age: Poetics, Analysis, and Reception History,” Kevin Mooney, supervisor.

Sarah McNair (2012) “Women Jazz singers of the Big Band Era (1930-1945): an Annotated Bibliography and Research Guide,” Kevin Mooney, supervisor.

Lauren Lyman (2011) “‘Go with Yourself’: Evaluating the Creativity and Control of Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart,” Kevin Mooney, supervisor.

F. Grace Burgess (2011) “Susan Parkhurst (1836-1918): Biography and Complete Works List,” John C. Schmidt, supervisor.

Janina Vela (2010) “Is Ziggy Startdust Camp?: David Bowie as a Case Study in Music and Camp,” Kevin Mooney, supervisor.

Christopher Hanson (2009) “A Survey of Sources Related to Edmond Dédé: Nineteenth-Century New Orleans Violinist, Composer and Conductor,” Kevin Mooney, supervisor.

Amy Puett (2009) “The US-American Perception of Music from the GDR (German Democratic Republic) : Case Studies on Hanns Eisler (1898-1962), Paul Dessau (1894-1979), and Kurt Schwaen (1909-2007),” Nico Schüler, supervisor.

April Heather Stephens (2008) “Stephen Lias (Born 1966):  His Life, Works, and Analytical Discussions of Songs of a Sourdough, Nico Schüler, supervisor.

Tara L. Mayorga (2006) “On Music and Choreography of Three Ballets by Ludwig Minkus (1827-1917),” John C. Schmidt, supervisor.

Win Alison Lee (2004) "Elements of Romanticism in Selected Piano Sonatas by Jan Ludislav Dussek: Historical and Theoretical Aspects," Nico Schüler, supervisor.

Gary P. Doby (2004) “Stylistic Characteristics of Selected Soviet Marches of World War II,” John C. Schmidt, supervisor.