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About the Area

The Musicology Area at the Texas State University School of Music offers a broad range of undergraduate and graduate courses, covering music from antiquity to the present, a diversity of musical cultures in the United States, Europe and Latin America, and interdisciplinary approaches to both research and analysis.


The Master of Music in Music/Musicology Concentration provides an excellent introduction to the field of musicology and facilitates an academic bridge for those interested in the Ph.D. in musicology at other institutions. All students, undergraduate and graduate alike, benefit from the expertise of faculty who are actively presenting and publishing their work.


For more information, please contact Dr. Ludim Pedroza, Coordinator of the Musicology Area

Stairs up to the vaquero statue; you will find the Musicology faculty in the third floor of the Lampasas building to the right

A Message from the Coordinator

Thank you for your interest in the Musicology program at Texas State University! The Musicology Concentration of our MM introduces students to the historical trajectory of the field, from its foundational platforms to its most current trends. Courses cover a broad spectrum of eras and genres, including jazz, popular genres of the US and Latin America, and many musics from both traditional and academic traditions. A generous allowance of elective credits encourages students to refine their research profiles for entrance into PhD programs, or, other pursuits of their choice.


Our versatile faculty offers generous individualized attention and maintains the rigorous yet nurturing environment for which the School of Music has become known. With a low student-to-faculty ratio in our graduate seminars, we ensure ongoing one-on-one interactions between faculty and students, whose success is our priority.


The Musicology Area at Texas State University upholds the mission of the School of Music through its commitment to excellence in music teaching and scholarship for all students at the university. As part of this mission, the musicology faculty is committed to providing:

  • A rigorous yet supportive environment for graduate students who are considering careers in the musicology field.
  • An excellent foundation in music history for all undergraduate music concentrations in the bachelor of arts and bachelor of music degrees.
  • Courses and approaches that open the students’ minds to the scholarly and performative study of diverse musical repertoires across continents, cultures, and social spaces.
  • A conduit for Texas State University students and the community of central Texas to interact with the international field of musicology through organized lectures featuring prominent scholars.