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Instrument Rental

String Project students must provide their own instruments. We recommend renting an instrument before purchasing because as students grow, their instrument size will change. Having the correct size instrument for your student is one of the most important parts of student success as a string player. Rental instruments are available through the Texas State String Project, our instrument rental partner, and many local music stores.

Texas State String Project Rental Program

The Texas State String Project has a limited supply of instruments (violin, viola, and cello) available for rent at discounted rates in return for advance payment by cash, check, or credit card. These instruments are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, and require a deposit.

String Project Rental Rates:

Fall/Spring Semesters:
· All families must pay the $100 refundable deposit (cash or check), due by the                    first day of classes of the Fall semester
· Violin/Viola Rental Fee -$60 per semester, $120 per year (Fall/Spring)
· Cello Rental Fee - $80 per semester, $160 per year (Fall/Spring)
· Rental fees can be paid by semester or by year
· All rental fees are due by the first day of classes of the Fall or Spring semester

· Available to continuing students only
· Violin/Viola Rental Fee - $30
· Cello Rental Fee - $40
· All Summer rental fees are due by June 15

Local Music Shops Instrument Rental and Purchase

There are many local instrument shops that rent instruments, and many have rent-to-own plans or policies that offer credit for trade-in instruments. Our String Project program collaborates with Duckworth Violin Shop in New Braunfels to provide a ready and convenient source of instrument rentals and maintenance to our community. If you are interested in using a different string shop, please see the list below of other recommended vendors.

Please do not purchase instruments from eBay, Amazon, or other online sources without consulting a professional. These instruments are often not consistent in quality and may not be in proper working order when they arrive (for example, tuning pegs may not stay in position, bridge may not be proper height, etc.). In many cases, the amount of money required to get the instrument into proper working condition can exceed the amount of the initial investment. This can result in frustration and even lack of progress for your child. Quality instruments cost money so if you see a deal that is “too good to be true,” it probably is.

Local Shop Contact List:

Antonio Strad Violin, San Antonio – (210) 349-9788 or (800) 284-9788

Blackerby Violin Shop, South Austin – (512) 284-8879
Blackerby Violin Shop, North Austin – (512) 469-9343

Strait Music Company, South Austin – (512) 476-6927

Terra Nova Violins, San Antonio – (210) 349-4700
Terra Nova Violins, Austin - (512) 640-4072

Westbank String Shop, South Austin – (512) 326-4898