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Composition Area

Welcome to Composition at Texas State:

The composition program of the School of Music at Texas State University is committed to providing the best instruction for our student composers through individual study, group seminars, and reading and performance opportunities. Our composers are encouraged to develop their own musical voice, while learning and exploring the gamut of musical styles and techniques open to them. In addition to the creative aspects of composing, a strong emphasis is placed on developing high standards of craftsmanship and professionalism.

Composition students will have weekly private lessons with distinguished composers on faculty. In addition, the weekly Composers Forum features discussion of special topics and guest presentations by visiting composers, performers and other artists. The forum is also an important venue for composers to share their work with each other and learn about current issues in contemporary music.

Reading and performance opportunities will vary from year to year, including working with the large ensembles at Texas State (Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Chorus) and various instrumental studios. Each year, students will also have the opportunity to write for guest artists and hear their work in a reading session. The faculty also encourages and fosters opportunities for interdisciplinary work, including collaborations with dance, film and visual art programs.

Composition students are encouraged to participate in Mysterium, an ensemble with flexible acoustic and electro-acoustic instrumentation and a focus on experimental performance techniques and improvisation. All students have access to the Music Computer Lab, which features a cross-platform, high-end Mac-based network and 30 workstations containing music notation programs, professional sequencing and recording applications and multimedia software.

More information on the degrees available and how to apply for admission can be found here.