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Master's Summer Studies


Master of Music in Music Education (choral, general, instrumental, and Kodály)

Texas State University's School of Music offers a three year, summer only graduate program leading to a Master of Music – Music Education degree. The concentrations available during the summer include Choral, General, Instrumental, and Kodály (temporarily not accepting new applicants) Education. With each of these programs, students will complete all of their degree requirements in three summer sessions only, provided the candidate passes their theory/history proficiency examinations. This is an ideal option for those who wish to pursue their master’s degree, but who must or want to continue to work full-time.

The Master of Music – Music Education is a 36-hour program. The Choral, General and Instrumental concentrations have a core of 12 semester hours, a major area of 12 semester hours, and an additional 12 semester hours of electives related to the major area. The Kodály concentration has a core of 12 semester hours, a major area of 18 hours, and an additional 6 hours of electives related to the major area. Opportunities for independent studies with professors in their areas of specialization may be requested, but are not guaranteed.

Choral, General, or Instrumental Music Education

  • Use your summers to get ahead with new knowledge, skills, strategies, and techniques
  • Classes designed for music teachers to be completed in June and July
  • No GRE examination required
  • Work with your university mentor on a master’s teaching project rather than writing a thesis.
  • Classes include Instrumental or Choral Techniques, Rehearsal Techniques, Conducting, Research in Music Education, Psychology of Music, among others

For further information, contact: Dr. Lynn Brinckmeyer ( choral; Dr. Amanda Soto ( general; Dr. John Denis ( instrumental - band or Dr. Rebecca Tast ( instrumental - strings.

Kodály Music Education

This concentration is not currently accepting new applicants.

  • Approved by the Organization of American Kodály Education (OAKE)
  • Leads to both Kodály Certification and a Master of Music – Music Education degree
  • Students complete the required 12 core semester hours with the remaining 24 credit hours in Kodály and elective courses.
  • Faculty members include Drs. Míchéal Houlahan, Philip Tacka and Ms. Gabriela Montoya-Stier