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M.M. Music - Composition Concentration Degree Plan

School of Music

M.M. in Music with a Concentration in Composition



(1) A piano proficiency is required for this concentration.
(2) Counterpoint and Orchestration are required background courses; if these courses have not been taken in the undergraduate degree program, students will take these in addition to all required courses for this emphasis.
(3) Students who score less than 70% on the music theory placement test will take MU5357 Graduate Music Theory and Musicianship. Students who score less than 70% on the music history placement test will take MU 5330A History and Analysis in Music in addition to the degree requirements listed below.


Other Studies [Core] (12 credits):

    •    MU 5334 Introduction to Graduate Studies in Music
    •    2 Music Literature courses (choose from MU 5310, MU 5314, MU 5315, MU 5320, MU 5340, MU 5360, MU 5375)
    •    MU 5350 Musical Styles

Major Field (12 credits):

    •    11 credits of composition (MUSP 5180, 5280, 5380, 5185, 5285, 5385)
    •    MU 5192 Graduate Lecture-Recital OR MUSP 5101 Graduate Recital

Electives (12 credits):

• MUSP 5337 Advanced Conducting (choral or instrumental)
• MU 5355 Pedagogy of Music Theory
• MU 5365 Computing in Music
• MU 5375 Topics in Advanced Music Research and Analysis
• Up to 3 credits of Applied Lessons (various course numbers)
• Up to 3 credits of Mysterium (MUSE 5180) or Modern Music Ensemble (MUSE 5185)
• Up to 3 credits of Independent Study (MU 5113, MU 5213, MU 5313, MU 5317)

1-Hour Oral Exam
Recital or Lecture-Recital



Students are required to develop a portfolio of original compositions, to be approved by the teacher of record and the composition faculty, that must include a combination of solo, chamber, and large ensemble works. Electro-acoustic pieces can be incorporated as well. The portfolio should include these scores and one CD recording of original compositions for submission at the comprehensive oral exam. Before graduation, a bound copy of the portfolio (with accompanying CD) will be placed and catalogued in Alkek Library.

Contact:     Coordinator of Graduate Studies in Music • 601 University Drive • San Marcos •
    TX 78666 • Graduate Degree Program: Master of Music : School of Music : Texas State University